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Southwest Panels

Indoor or Outdoor Installation!

Justin grew up camping and painting in the southwest desert. He especially liked the early morning and sunset lighting. There was something about the setting and environment in contrast to the lighting that appealed to Justin. One thing he noticed in particular was how the sun reflected over the needles on the cactus with a golden hue, incorporating these rich patinas in the finished art work.


The solitude and serenity, absence of sound, and the stillness all called to Justin’s inner creative being. He noted the brilliant flowers, distant mountains, and cool purple tones; the sun scorched sand and rocks contrasting with the deep green lime tones, and shy, mostly hidden, fauna.


"My textures, design, and craftsmanship represent the ripples that the wind causes on the moving sand and dessert floor. My color pallets interpret ancient Indian techniques and pigments from natural resources, berries, seeds, etc. For example, the beautiful blood red carmen is derived from the cochineal insect which lives on cactus."

Great for indoor or outdoor spaces. Including pool, patio, living room, etc.these mixed media creations are constructed on sanded hardwoods and coated with three layers of UV protected outdoor marine varnish. This enables the art work to be exposed to all natural elements including direct sun, rain, wind, and snow without compromising the brilliant colors and textures.

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