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I will never forget the day! The moment happened while I was back packing high up in Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. I was about 9,000 feet up in an alpine meadow when out of nowhere I saw her, the dreamer. When a beautiful fair haired blond young lady suddenly appeared on a trail nearby. The golden sunlight in the high altitude thin air created a fantastic aura around her beautiful face and hair. I couldn’t get the image out of my head.

That icy night, while in my sleeping bag and tent, I had a dream of being visited by this angelic blond haired lady. After breakfast and coffee I sat down with my notebook and sketched out this portrait and composition. After returning back to my art studio, finishing my custom commissions, I completed designing this heavenly painting and the Dreamer was born! She is smiling down from the heavens with little tear drops glistening on her face and gazing up at the starry night. This mixed media painting on hand made art paper is a very peaceful and serene image. When customers view this painting at my fine art shows they seem to smile immediately!

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