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'Fire and Ice' paintings are created on hand made Arches Water Color Paper that is imported from France. The French Water Color Paper is heavy enough to take my mixed media brushing, scraping, and texture carving. The 'Fire and Ice' series is inspired and based on an experience many years ago when I was exhibiting my work at an art show in Florida. A fine art enthusiast couple viewed my art work, invited me to their home and requested that I create something really dramatic, unique, and colorful for a particular wall in their beautiful mansion!

The gentleman walked me into a large room, beautifully decorated, with high ceilings, perfect lighting, wall to floor windows, and an immense salt water aquarium with a myriad of vibrant tropical fish and flowing seaweed. Observing the vibrant and neon hues I visualized an organic jewel toned palette recreating the fluid scene. This inspiration led to what became my first 'Fire and Ice' series, becoming one of my most successful and unique styles. "What I create in this series depicts layers of glazed patterns overlaid with oil paint, gold leaf, and pastels. This series also incorporates the universal spiral found in natural elements such as hurricanes, tops of seashells, and water flow."

"In the 'Fire and Ice' series, there is a symphony of spiral shapes, opposite colors, and pigments that creates what I refer to as a "visual vibration!" After the painting is completed it is affixed to heavy European black linen fabric, which is then painted and air brushed with a "starry night" effect. Then it is ready for a custom embellished frame. The custom hand-constructed hardwood frames are then patinaed with color glazes which are also incorporated within the painting. After three coats of lacquered varnish, the final step is applying hand-molded and hammered brushed copper spirals, and cut shapes of beautiful shimmering dichroic art glass. All these elements create one unique visually cohesive finished fine art masterpiece! 

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