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The Mardi Gras Series

This festive collection has its origins from an extended visit to New Orleans. Experiencing and photographing the myriad sights, sounds, and culinary delights is where I gathered my inspiration for this eclectic series of fine art. 

Painted on handmade art paper this collection of mixed media masks are a study of opposite colors and free-form shapes, creating a festive ‘visual vibration’ appeal with bold and unique designs.


After the mixed media painting is completed and affixed to the painted European black fabric it is ready for the three dimensional elements! Hammered copper, brass, aluminum, dichroic art glass, and glazed ceramics are epoxied and fastened to the finished art work, ready for custom framing.


Sycuan Casino Bingo Ball collaboration with Artwalk San Diego and Playstudios

Mayor's Purchase Award La Quinta Children's Library

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